Benefits and Drawbacks Of Car Wax

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Car Wax

Ademir Soares

Many people wash their cars frequently to keep their paint in great shape. After all, it is very important to keep dirt off your car by washing i. What most people don’t know  is all the reasons why washing is very important;   See below some of the very important facts about Car Wax:

Keeping your car clean, serviced, and maintained is the best way to extend its lifespan. While most car, truck, and SUV owners focus on engine, transmission, and suspension maintenance, your vehicle’s exterior protection is also important. To accomplish this, washing and waxing the car’s exterior is a smart idea. Beyond keeping your vehicle looking shiny and clean, there are other reasons why taking time to wax or detail the car’s paint is beneficial to car owners.

1. Car Wax Provides Protection Against Scratches
2. Protects the Paint from Exposure
3. Saves You Money
4. Improves Resale Value
5. Makes Your Car Look Shiny

Can Wax Damage Your Car?

Waxing does not damage the paint of the car unless you do it wrong. … When cars are made, they undergo very stringent standards. Part of those standards is making sure that the paint on each and every one of them is completely dry before they proceed along the assembly and quality control process.There are many types of wax, and for new cars the one you want is a non-abrasive one that does not ‘eat’ away the surface layer of your paint.These days, the only way you can do it wrong is by using the wrong product and being overzealous with the orbital polisher.
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